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Lopende onderzoeksprojecten

Momenteel lopende masterprojecten
Fire resilience of a multiple-storey residential timber building
Fire resilience of a multiple-storey residential timber building. Master project of Ceyda Beceni from Istanbul Technical University (Ceyda Beceni)
Fire risks of green façades
Fire risks of green façades: a design directive to reduce the risk of fire spread (Serena Siciliano)
Probability of a green façade fire
Ignition probability of green façades, depending on moisture, radiation flux and exposure time. What are the consequences in practice? (Jessie Firing)
Consequences of a green façade fire
Consequences of a burning green façades on the construction and daylight openings behind the green façade (Merel Schouten)
Reliability of a traveling car fire concept in open carparks
In an open carpark flashover is in theory impossible. However, there ar some expamles of flashover (or partial flashover) in ope carparks (Luton, Liverpool, Stavanger). What is the flashover probability in an open carparks and which stochastic boundary conditions are most important? (Samira Safi)
Traveling localized fire in a large compartment
What are the consequences of traveling localized fires in large compartments, depending on the fire load and fire load distribution in a large compartment? (Laura Dohmen)