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FSI 2022 (EFSN/Bafsa) - Sprinkler as boundary condition for stay-in-place

Fire Sprinkler International events (EFSN) are unique in Europe with more than 300 fire protection professionals and experts from all over the world attending. On May 31 and June 1 2022 the FSI conference was held in London UK with an outstanding 2-day conference programme about the latest developments in regulatory requirements, standards and technology for water-based fire protection systems as well as specific applications including transport, heritage, storage, alternative energy and high rise.

Lecture Ruud van Herpen: 

Sprinkler protection as boundary condition for a stay-in-place concept.

Normally we evacuate a whole building in case of a compartment fire. Apparently the fire compartmentation and the fire resistant load bearing structure is not reliable enough to evacuate the burning compartment only and leave the building users in other compartments in their compartments. However, building users are more often less self reliant and can’t evacuate on their own. Sometimes the internal organization can be helpful, but the time they need for evacuating the building users exceeds in many cases the available safe time. The failure probability of an evacuation concept might not be acceptable in these cases. A stay-in-place concept is probably more realistic. However, for a reliable stay-in-place concept smoke propagation and fire spread outside the burning compartment is nog acceptable. Sprinkler protection can really help to reduce these risks.